Tasty European treats

Tasty European treats

Quick Questions to Ask a Mobile Catering Service Company

by Idris Vermaas

A mobile catering service can be a great choice for a backyard party or for setting up at a jobsite where there are few other options for employees. They can also be good for a special event you're hosting at a school, your church or other religious building and so on. Because all mobile catering service companies will be different and because you want your guests or employees to enjoy the food being served, note a few quick questions to ask before having such a company on your grounds for any event.

1. Can they offer a hand washing station?

This can be a good choice for a jobsite where construction workers and others may need to wash up before eating. It can also be good for a church or school party since everyone may get extra dirty riding carnival rides and so on. A hand washing station may be separate from the truck that works as the kitchen, or it may be set up along one side of the truck. For larger crowds, ask about a larger station with several sinks so there isn't a line that forms.

2. Can they offer a separate beverage station?

This is especially good for longer events, where your guests or workers may simply want a soda or water rather than waiting in line while others have their lunch prepared. A separate beverage station may also stay on the grounds after the kitchen itself has left, which is also a good choice for longer backyard parties and worksites. Lunch or dinner may be over, but your guests or workers may still want a beverage throughout the day, so a separate beverage station can be a good choice.

3. Are sack lunches an option?

If you're hosting an outdoor seminar or are having a mobile catering truck on a jobsite, sack lunches can mean that everyone gets their meal faster than if they waited in line and had each plate made individually. Sack lunches might offer a small variety of sandwiches or salads from which they can choose, and since they're made in advance, no one needs to wait in a long line for their meal.

4. Do they need extra space and power?

Many catering trucks work with their own generator or battery so they don't need additional electrical hookup, but be sure to ask about this before hiring any such service. They may also need a certain amount of space to open a canopy where workers serve food or clearance around a ventilation system for the kitchen area. Be sure you discuss their needs for added space and power when hiring such a truck.

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Tasty European treats

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