Tasty European treats

Tasty European treats

How to Make Fermented Ginger at Home

by Idris Vermaas

Whether you are a fan of the piquancy of pickled ginger in Asian dishes or simply love to add some fermented ginger to your drinks for the health benefits, it can be a great idea to make your fermented ginger at home. It's a great pick-me-up and also can also aid digestion. Not only is it cheaper, but you also know exactly what you are eating and can manage your own portions of ginger accurately. 

If you're interested in making fermented ginger at home, here are some tips on making that happen.

Sterilise your storage jars

There is a range of options for storing and fermenting ginger including mason jars and canning equipment. It is important to make sure that the jars are completely clean before you get started as contaminants, especially from other food sources, can potentially lead to the growth of other bacteria which can cause adverse health effects. In most cases, a bath in boiling soapy water is enough to cleanse the jars unless you are aware that there may be a particularly robust or unpleasant bacteria lurking in your jars. 

Add the ginger and some salt

Ginger and salt will naturally ferment when left under filtered water, based on the sugars in the ginger. You can either slice or mince the ginger, depending on how you prefer to consume your ginger. Minced ginger tends to ferment quicker due to the additional surface area. Salt add some extra flavour to the minced garlic. 

While ginger will ferment at any temperature, you can encourage the speed of the reaction by adding additional sugar, increasing the temperature of the jar or adding a ginger bug (bacteria starter) to help encourage fermentation. It is important to keep an eye on the jars however as rapidly fermenting jars can often bubble and easily overflow in your storage area. It is a good idea to check your jar each day and vent them if it seems that they may be building up an excessive amount of gas. 

Store it carefully

Once your ginger is fermented it's time to serve up. If you want to stop the fermentation process you can store the ginger in the fridge as the cold slows the reaction down. 

Fermented ginger is a great addition to your diet and also makes a great gift for friends and family. If you're ready to try these steps, get started and buy ginger wholesale.


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Tasty European treats

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