Tasty European treats

Tasty European treats

Want to Start a Small Sweets Business From Home? Here's a Guide

by Idris Vermaas

Watching movies or sitting idly at home for hours can be boring and unproductive. You may want to utilize free resources within your reach to make extra income or get involved in fun money-making ventures. Ever given a thought to selling candies in your neighbourhood or along the streets? Or selling sweets at events near you? It is as simple as it sounds. A few tips below will guide you on where to start within the shortest time:

Find a cheap, reliable confectionery supplier

While there are several sweet stores around your premises or intended work-space, choose confectionery suppliers that offer the most affordable wholesale prices. If you're restrained by a small budget, start by buying one type of boiled sweets, such as custards and aniseed balls, then later expand to other confectioneries like gums and jellies. A little research on your targeted market's preference of candies can help you decide the type of sweets to buy for a start. If you're buying online, remember to consider extra fees, such as those for shipping.

Maintain hygiene

Keeping in mind that you'll be storing the sweets in your home, prioritise health matters. Clean the room where you'll be storing the sweets thoroughly. Keep pets away from the room as well. While at your work-space, make sure you keep a neat appearance. An excellent first impression instills confidence in your prospective customers that you uphold hygiene. Wear hand gloves and use scoops when handling sweets, whether wrapped or unwrapped.

Contact your local trading standards office

Just as big confectionery suppliers conform to the guidelines laid out by the relevant authorities, your new business is bound by rules as well. You have a responsibility to find out regulations for selling sweets from home and how to comply. Your nearest local trading standards office has all the answers, and the staff will readily advise you. A single complaint from one of your customers could mark the end of your business. Besides, you'd not want to quiver every time the oversight authority staff make surprise visits to your work-space just because you are not on the right side of the law.

With a few requirements and a few savings, you could become a renowned wholesale lolly supplier in a few years. All you have to do is step out there and not shy from making the infant steps of a lollies start-up. Coupled with unique strategies, you could watch your small sweet business scale to new, unprecedented heights you'd never have imagined.


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Tasty European treats

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