Tasty European treats

Tasty European treats

3 Top Christmas Cracker Ideas for Kids

by Idris Vermaas

Christmas crackers are a staple at the dinner table on any Christmas night since they help both kids and adults to enjoy their meal. While Christmas crackers generally contain a joke, paper hat and a riddle, it is crucial to choose crackers that appeal to the different age groups. The reason is that kids and adults have various tastes; therefore, getting them the same thing will not make it a memorable experience. Luckily, some stores have specialised Christmas crackers based on age. This article provides tips for choosing Christmas crackers for kids. 

Pet-Shaped Crackers

Children love things they can relate to, and pets are a great example. For instance, some households in Australia have a pet, and the kids in these homes usually have a strong relationship with their pets. Instead of buying plain Christmas crackers, you should get those that are shaped like pets -- dogs or cats -- complete with a tail and ears. Moreover, you can personalise each cracker by writing the name of the pet on the surface of the cracker's wrap. The closer the cracker resembles the child's pet, the more they will love it. While this is something that can be done as a DIY, it is better to get a professional artist involved because they can make the images more realistic. 

Snowman Theme

When you ask a kid what reminds them of Christmas, the first answer you will probably get is Santa Clause. The second popular figure that kids associate with Christmas is the snowman, mainly because they feature in the front yards of most homes. Therefore, the snowman is an opportunity to bring this popular figure closer to the dinner table. Since Christmas crackers are divided into three sections, it is easy to sketch out the figure of a snowman on the surface. You can give the Christmas cracker snowman pack an even more realistic look by sticking splints of popsicles to the sides to represent the arms. A snowman-themed Christmas cracker can also act as a souvenir that the kids will keep long after the Christmas season.

Superhero-Inspired Christmas Cracker

Today, kids are spoiled for choice in as far as superheroes go. From toys to movies, superheroes are revered by children because of their protective role in society. You can take this opportunity and surprise your children with superhero-inspired Christmas crackers. Moreover, you can go ahead and personalise each Christmas cracker based on the superhero they represent. For example, a cracker representing a superhero known to use a futuristic sword should contain a miniature version of the weapon as part of the cracker's contents.

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